Vietnam war build up

Updated: 8/23/2023
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Keep Calm and Carry On, good PLATO friend.

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US Regulars arrived in country in '65.

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Q: Vietnam war build up
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Why did US enter Vietnam War?

To prevent the build up of ccmmunist control and expansion

What conflicts lead up to the Vietnam War?

The build up of communism in that part of the world (South East Asia).

What aspects of the Vietnam war did people protest against?

Mainly with regards to the Vietnam war, people were having issues understanding why the U.S. as a democracy were helping fight a war on the same side of a dictatorship (South Vietnam). Plus the war continued on due to the constant build up of the cold war, due to this rising conflict.

How did the escalation of the Vietnam war under Johnson and General Westmoreland occur?

With the massive build up of men, from 1965 onward, 500,000 men at the peak of the war.

Who was the US secretary of Defense when Vietnam war began to escalate?

Robert McNamara was Secretary of Defense during the main build-up with President Johnson.

How do you build the exterior of an army tank?

Up until the end of the Vietnam War, tanks were constructed of homogenious steel (cast/molded one piece armor).

What were physical conditions of the Vietnam War?

The conditions in the Vietnam war was that it was like a Jungle with tall grasses and fill up with boofy traps

How were soldiers split up in the Vietnam war?

by rank

What did the Vietnam war lead up to?

A Communist victory.

Who fought with south Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

Did Vietnam splitting up effect Vietnam?

The split occurred in 1954, and was part of the reason for the war.

What country ruled over Vietnam from 1800 until World War 2?

Vietnam was a French colony up until World War 2, when Japan invaded it. The Vietnamese were able to fight off the Japanese. After the war, France attempted to retake Vietnam, which created North and South Vietnam, leading to the Vietnam War.