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Q: WW1 started after Germany invaded which country?
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What country seen the most fighting in WW1?

Germany they started it ...

which of the following was true about the beginning of ww1?

germany invaded the neutral country of belgium to attack france

Was it germany's fault ww1 started?

It was not necessarily all Germany's fault that World War 1 started. It was collectively the fault of Germany, Russia, and Serbia for being unreasonable when dealing with each other.

Why did ww1 start World War 2?

World war 1 started because Germany had been blamed that they invaded belgem

What country is historically blamed for the start of World War 1?

Germany started ww1

What did Germany do to cause Great Britain To join WW1?

Germany invaded Belgium that was neutral

Was Germany in the war?

Both WW1 and WW2 yes. WW1 was the reason WW2 started.

Which country suffered defeat in ww1?


What country was responsible for ww1,ww2?


Was france occupied by Germany prior to world war 2?

All of France. France surrerder after being invaded by Nazi Germany.

Who was in charge of Germany when ww1 started?

Emperor Wilhelm II.

Why was British Empire involved in ww1?

Because Germany had invaded Belgium, whose neutrality was guaranteed by Britain.