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Operation Desert Shield was in 1990. Operation Desert Storm only lasted 45 days (or 100 hours of actual fighting) and occurred in January and February of 1991. Desert Shield was a build up of military forces. Desert Storm was USING those military forces.

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Q: War of 1994 is called what what was the date of desert shield?
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Desert Shield was designed as an operation to protect Saudi Arabia from a possible Iraqi incursion, either by air or by land in late 1990 and early 1991. As Saudi Arabia supported Kuwaiti independence and was hosting UN Coalition troops, there was the strong possibility that Iraq's superior military could overwhelm Saudi defenses.

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There was no war involving the US in 1990; Operation Desert Shield commenced in 1990. Shield was a BUILD UP of US forces to deal with Iraq, in case they refused to vacate Kuwait. On or about 15 January 1991, Iraq refused to comply with the order to leave Kuwait. And Operation Desert Storm commenced on that date. Approximately 45 days later, on or about 27 February 1991 Iraq was completely removed from Kuwait...and Desert Storm terminated.

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