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He was from the North.

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Q: Was George McClellan from north or south?
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What is the birth name of George McClellan?

George McClellan's birth name is George Brinton McClellan Jr..

Was George B McClellan a Union or Confederate?

George B. McClellan was a Union

Which side did George B McClellan fight against in the US Civil War?

McClellan was a Union general (the North) and thus fought against the Confederacy (the South). He also ran against Lincoln in 1865, but lost in a severe landslide.

What state was George mcclellan from?

George McClellan was born in New York

Who ran against Lincoln on a peace ticket in the election of 1864?

George McClellan, the Union ex-General. It was not strictly a peace ticket. McClellan declared himself to be a pro-war Democrat. But it is hard to imagine the North fighting on, after voting Lincoln out.

How many sons did George McClellan have?

Only one, George McClellan, Jr.

Who were all of George B McClellan's siblings parents and children?

his childrens names were......... george b. mcclellan jr. (son) mary mcclellan desprez(daughter) george mcclellan (father) elizebeth steinmetz brinton mcclellan ( mother)

What was one result of the retreat of Union General George B McClellan to the James River in 1862?

Based on his precarious position it was a wise move by General McClellan to retreat south to the James River. The South benefited by this in that McClellan had to leave behind major supplies of foodstuffs.

What was George McClellan's political affiliation?

Gen. George McClellan was a member of the Democrat Party.

Who was commander of union forces after Winfield Scott?

George Brinton McClellan

How did George mcclellan feel about slavery?

George Mcclellan Was Against Slavery But Fought In The War To Win.

What is George B. McClellan's birthday?

George B. McClellan was born on December 3, 1826.