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Germany was very much an autocracy during World War 2.

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Q: Was Germany a autocracy during World War 2?
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Was Germany an autocracy during World War 1?

Functionally, it was. It was nominally a constitutional monarchy with a separate legislative body called the Reichstag, but the kaiser had near complete power.

What countries were invaded by France during World War 2?

Germany invaded France during World War II.

What is currency name of Germany during world war 2?

Germany's currency during World War 2 was the Reichmark .

What was Germany known or during World War 1?

Weimar Germany.

Why did Germany go into war with Japan in World War 2?

Germany and Japan were allies during World War 2. They were not at war with each other.

Which was NOT one of the Allied Powers during World War 1 Germany Russia the US France?

The answer to the question is Germany. Germany was not one of the Allied Powers during World War 1. The Allied Powers during World War 1 were: Russia The US France

Was Germany on the Allies or Axis during World War II?

During WWII, Germany was on the Axis.

How did Germany lose Russia as an ally during World War 1?

== == Russia and Germany were never allies during World War I. They were on opposite sides from the beginning.

Who invaded Poland?

Germany during ww2, Sweden in 1655In World War 2 Poland was invaded by Germany.

Where did Germany lose the war?

World War II, during the holocaust.

Who was kaiser william ll?

Kaiser Wihlhelm II was the leader of Germany during World War one. After the war, he moved quietly to France and did not support Germany during WWII.

Who was your enemy during the world war 2?