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Minnesota was a Union State during the Civil War.

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Q: Was Minnesota a Confederate or Union State during the Civil War?
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Was Texas a confederate state during the war civil war?


Was Illinos a union or confederate state during the civil war?

A Union state.

Was mississippi a union state or a conferderate state during the civil war?

Mississippi was a Confederate State.

What side where floridians on during the civil war?

Florida was a Confederate state

Is Illinois a Union or a Confederate state?

Illinois was a Union state during the Civil War.

Was Georgia with the North or South during the US Civil War?

It was a Confederate State.

Was Wisconsin a confederate state or a union satate during the civil war?

it was part of union

Was Delaware part of the confederate state during US Civil War?

No. It was one of the buffer-states - slave-states that did not vote Confederate.

Did Oklahoma join the Confederate States during the Civil War?

Oklahoma was not a state during the 1860's and was considered to be "Indian Territory" and initially controlled by the Confederate States.

What was the status of Confederate state Arkansas during the US Civil War?

The Confederate state of Arkansas was in an uncomfortable position during the US Civil War. It was not a strategic priority for either side, yet there were five battles there and over 700 military related events.

During the Civil War was Mississippi a northern or a southern state?

Mississippi was a southern state that joined the Confederate States of America.

Was Maryland a union state or confederate state?

it didn't join the civil war. during the war slavery was still legal