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Southern state.

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Q: Was Missouri a Northern or Southern State during the US Civil War?
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What year did the Missouri civil war end?

To the best of my knowledge, there was no "Missouri Civil War" What would it be? Fighting among the northern counties and the southern counties? Missouri was in the US Civil War on the side of the South.

What do you call a northern man with southern principles during the civil war?

A Copperhead.

During the Civil War was Mississippi a northern or a southern state?

Mississippi was a southern state that joined the Confederate States of America.

Which line was used to divide the northern and southern states during the civil war era?

The Mason-Dixon line

What were the slang terms for northern and southern soldiers during civil war?

(Union) Bluebelly (Confederate) Johnny Reb

What two southern state capitals that were not occupied by northern troops during the American Civil War?

Louisiana Texas

During the civil war what was the southern army called?

Army of Northern Virginia or the Army of Tennessee and Northern armies were called the Army of the Potomac and the Army of the Tennessee.

Who were the vice presidents of the northern and southern nations during the civil war?

Abe Lincoln of the north and Jefferson Davis of the south

What did the most damage to the southern economy during civil war?

The Northern blockade meant the South could not sell its cotton.

What did the most damage the southern economy during the civil war?

The Northern blockade meant the South could not sell its cotton.

Does Guam have slaves?

No, Guam did not have slaves during the American Civil War. During the Civil War Guam and the other northern states had no slaves while the southern states did have slaves. The states in the Pacific such as Guam and Hawaii were on the northern side and so did not have slaves.

What baseball team named after northern soldier in the civil war?

The New York Yankees. the reason why is the northern soldier during the civil war was called Billy Yankee and the southern soldier was called Johnny Rebel.