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The toaster was invented before World War I, which lasted from 1914 to 1918. An electric toaster was invented in 1893, but it was not commercially successful. A successful electric toaster was invented in 1909, also before WWI. But the pop-up toaster was not invented until after WWI, in 1921. So it is likely that refinements of the toaster invention were continuing during the war.

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Q: Was World War I going on at the time that the toaster was invented?
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Which company invented the electric toaster?

The first electric toaster was invented by the British company Crompton and Co in 1893. This first toaster was only able to toast one side of the bread slice at a time and required constant supervision.

When did frank shailor invent the toaster?

Frank Shailor invented the toaster in July 1909. He worked with General Electric at the time. His was the first toaster to sell commercially.

Which company invented the first electrical toaster?

The first electric toaster was invented in 1893 in Great Britain by Crompton and Co (UK) and re-invented in 1909 in the United States. It only toasted one side of the bread at a time and it required a person to stand by and turn it off manually when the toast looked done. Charles Strite invented the modern timer, pop-up toaster in 1919. Source:

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What is the difference between an ordinary toaster and a toaster 4 slice?

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What did Charles Strite invent?

AnswerCharles Strite invented the first pop-up toaster in 1921. Patented on October 18, 1921. His toaster was the first to incorperate a variable timer that adjusts toasting time.

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