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is isinglass used in airplane windshields

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Q: Was isinglass ever used as a windshield in airplanes during World War 2?
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What is the use of isinglass?

we used to ""put down" fresh eggs in England during World War 11 In a solution containing isinglass, which kept the eggs fresh for weeks, even months, longer than is now achieved by refrigeration. You could bake well with them; not so good for scrambled eggs, though.

Where were airplanes used during World War 1?

there were no airplanes in the word war 1. __ The use of airplanes in the military pre-dates WW1. Airplanes were used for recon, bombing missions and fighters.

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When were weapons first installed on airplanes?

During the First World War

What two vehicles were introduced during World War 1?

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What did airplanes replace during world war 1?

They didn't replace anything.

What types of machines were used to bomb Britain during the second world war?


What airplane was associated with World War 1?

Many airplanes were developed during WW1.

What were the theories of the use of air power in World War 1?

Before World War 1, airplanes were used for recreation. However, during World War 1 airplanes were used for reconnaissance and spying on the enemies. Airplanes were also used as fighter jets and as bombers. Airplanes changed warfare greatly and allowed for blitz attacks and air warfare.

Damage was widespread during World War 2 mainly because .?

airplanes were used in this war

What were the planes for japan called in World War 2?

Planes were airplanes or aircraft. Suicide planes were called "Kamikazes."

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