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The Buffs are/were the East Kent Regiment.

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Q: Was the 1st buffs a ww1 regiment if so which one?
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What is the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment?

This is the regiment that Adolf Hitler was assigned to after his first wounding during WW1. It was the reserve batallion of the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment which at that time was fighting at the front. The reserve regiment provided newly trained recruits to it's parent regiment.

American WW1 veterans than wrote poems?

Joyce Kilmer, for one, author of "Trees". He was a member of the famous 69th Infantry Regiment (the Fighting Irish) and killed during WWI.

What regiment won the most vc's in world wars?

the gurkhas No, the Gurkhas have only been awarded 1 VC since end of WW2, The Parachute Regiment has been awarded 3 in that time

What regiment was George Barlow WW1 soldier in motto for regiment was ubique quo fas et Gloria ducunt?

Royal Artillery, Royal Canadian Artillery an many other Artillery regiments along with the motto Ubique

What are the names of the four Canadian regiment that fought to-gether for the first time at Vimy Ridge ww1 1914-1919?

Canadian Expeditionary force Princess Patricia's Canadian Light infantry The Royal Newfoundland Regiment The Van doos

What is 369 regiment?

That would depend on whose 369th Regiment it was and even a time line.For example: Infanterie Regiment 369 (Croatia) saw service in WW2 as a part of the 100th Jaeger Division of the German Army at Stalingrad.The 369th Infantry Regiment (United States) was the famous Harlem Hellfighters or Black Rattlers which gained fame and glory as the first African American Regiment in WW1 with the French Army at the Second Battle of the Marne and was the first allied unit to reach the Rhine River.

What is worcestershire's regiment?

The Mercians are the latest incumbents, but in WW1 it would have been the Worcestershire Regiment. WR archive material & photographs are at the RHQ Mercian Museum in Crookbarrow Rd, Worcester WR5 2PA. Their search fee is about £12, but ring +44 (0)1905 354359

Where was Malaria contracted during World War 1?

My great grandfather went to India with his regiment during WW1 and contracted Malaria there.

What was so famous about the ww1?

Poppies are famous for the 1st worls war

What job did Hitler do in the ww1?

In World War 1 Hitler was a soldier in a Bavarian regiment. he was also a messenger during the first couple of years then he moved up on his career level.

What regiments were in d-day?

British units were organized into Brigades. If you can identify the Brigades that was there, then you can find out the regiments that were in that brigade. Each British Reigment had several battalions and they usually served in different areas. (This derived from WW1 when regiments were raised from one local area of Britain and when the regiment suffered in combat the local community was devastated.) Therefore, one specific Regiment might be found in many Brigades. For US regiments, you identify the Infantry Division and that will tell you what regiments were there.

What was the 1st Australian city to be bombed in world war 1?

No Australian city was bombed during WW1.