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I believe it was improved later on after WW1

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Q: Was the Lewis machine gun new or improved?
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What was the different of old machine gun and new machine gun?

Nothing as far as function goes.

What does nid mean in gun talk?

new improved double

What included new weapons used in war that caused these high casualities?

MAny deaths in ww1 were cuased by going over the top. This led to being blown up by enemy artillery or being shot with defensive machine guns. Ex. artillery: british 60 pound gun or machine gun: british Lewis mk light machine gun.

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What were the new types of military technology in World War 1?

The most notable technical innovations were the long-distance guns and their much-improved accuracy, the machine gun, the airplane and the tank.

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What weapons were used at the Battle of the Somme?

The Battle of Somme was an important battle during World War I. During this battle, Germany introduced poison gas as a new weapon.

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Yes. There are a few of them, Including a machine pistol.

What new weapons are used in ww1?

The machine gun, the submarine, new warship designs.

What were some new weapons during World War 2?

new weapons included the Thompson sub machine gun aka Tommy gun. m1grand semi automatic rifle. in WWI they had one shot bolt action rifles but in WWII they introduced the sub machine gun and semi automatic rifle. some other weapons include m1 carbine also a semi automatic rifle, flamethrower, new and improved tanks, bazooka type weapons, new frag granades, smoke granades, air strikes, long ranged artillery and war ships, morters, new turrets such as the 30 caliber fully automatic machine gun and the 50 caliber. and that's just the American advancements.

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Yes the N-strike stampede

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