Was the Vietnam war justified

Updated: 4/27/2022
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No, the Vietnam War was not right and what added salt to the wounds of the many soldiers that died is the fact that they were lied too by their own government, fed Propaganda and were also used as guinea pigs during Agent Orange and Agent White (the Vietnamese called Agent Orange "the red rain.") When the soldiers came back to the U.S., they were greeted with jeering and called "baby killers." My thoughts are unless you have walked a mile in their combat boots then one shouldn't make assumptions to the fact they were actual baby killers and it's true they did kill children, babies, the elderly and women, but then again if one studies the Vietnam War one would know that mothers actually used their babies to hand to a soldier (figuring he would miss his own children) and it would often have a grenade in the blanket of the baby. The U.S. government under-estimated their enemy! The U.S. government did not provide enough care for soldiers (most came back with great trauma), some crippled and crippled in mind as well. They found it difficult to get jobs. In other words there was a method of madness by the U.S. Government and it's usually about greed and power and simply put ... they lost the war! It is the only war in the U.S. History where the government and some of the public ignored it with the exception of those that lost loved ones. I have stated before that I went into a War Museum in Oregon and was shocked to find that all American Wars were displayed, but the Vietnam War. What a price these poor soldiers paid. "No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now. Rarely have so many people been so wrong about so much. Never have the consequences of their misunderstanding been so tragic." Richard Nixon The Vietnam War has been the subject of thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, hundreds of books, and scores of movies and television documentaries. The great majority of these efforts have erroneously portrayed many myths about the Vietnam War as being facts. Richard Nixon ALSO - For a less liberal interpretation see link...

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Q: Was the Vietnam war justified
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