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The 1939-1940 season was the 65th season of competitive football in England. In September 1939, shortly after World War II was declared, most football competitions were abandoned as the country's attention turned to the war effort. Regional league competitions were set up instead; appearances in these tournaments do not count in players' official records. A few leagues, such as the Northern League, did manage to complete a season, but more than half of the teams were unable to fulfil all their fixtures and resigned. Many footballers signed up to fight in the war and as a result many teams were depleted, and fielded guest players instead - Crystal Palace fielded 186 different players during the seven wartime seasons.[1] The FA Cup was resumed for the 1945-46 season and The Football League for the 1946-47 season


The 1939-40 season started in August 1939, but with the outbreak of the Second World War shortly after, league football was suspended. It only resumed at the end of October, with a number of local city-championships having been played to bridge the gap.[2] As the war progressed, top-division football became more regionalised. It also expanded into occupied territories, some of them annexed into Greater Germany, increasing the number of tier-one Gauligas considerably from the original 16 in 1933. The last German championship was played in 1944 and won by Dresdner SC, but the last official league game was played as late as 23 April 1945, being the FC Bayern Munich versus TSV 1860 Munich derby in the Gauliga Oberbayern, ending 3-2.[3] The final years of league football saw the rise of military teams, like LSV Hamburg, who reached the 1944 German championship final, since most top-players were drafted into the German armed forces and ended up playing for these sides. Representative teams like the Rote Jäger also had a number of German internationals playing for them.[4]

With the end of the war, ethnic German football clubs in the parts of Germany that were awarded to Poland and the Soviet Union disappeared. Clubs like VfB Königsberg and Vorwärts-Rasensport Gleiwitz, who had successfully competed in the German championship on quite a number of occasions[5] disappeared for good. In Czechoslovakia, where the ethnic German minority in the Sudetenlandwas forced to leave the country, clubs experienced the same fate. A few, like BSK Neugablonz,[6] where reformed by these refugees in West Germany.

Some of the events of the war continue to affect German football today. Within the first couple of weeks of the re-development of the Mercedes-Benz Arena in 2009, home of the VfB Stuttgart, 18 undetonated bombs left over from air raids on Stuttgart during the Second World War were found on the construction site. The stadium was originally built, like so many others in Germany, on rubble left over from the war.[7]

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yea it was... it just wasnt known as soccer. it was played by they Greeks and so forth. it was also played by African Americans.. and the one who lost the game would have to be sacrificed! :/ like im not even joking... that was a way for them to worship their gods..

FIFA (soccer's international governing body) did not hold any World Cups during the WWII period. So international play was suspended between 1938-1950. As far as leagues, there were some spread out across the world but for the most part, soccer was on a hiatus.

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Q: Was there English football during world war 2?
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