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Yes, even though the Union refused to take on any of the South's war debts.

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Q: Was there a National debt after the American Civil War?
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The first national income tax was passed to?

pay civil war debt

When was the Civil War museum in Gettysburg established?

The National Civil War Wax Museum was opened April 19, 1962. In 2004 its name was changed to The American Civil War Museum.

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The draft was first used during the American Civil War

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How much debt was added to the US government by the end of the US Civil War?

Although the US government did its best to finance the US Civil War by its normal tax measures, they were not enough to cover all of its expenses. As a result of borrowing funds, the US raised the US Treasury's national debt by $2.5 billion.

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Drums were used in the American Civil war, to show that the war had begun.

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yes the African American civil war regiment

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From 9 September 1791, the seat of the national capital of the US has been Washinton DC. And, so it was during the American Civil War.