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Thee was not a POW camp in Marana per se. However, there was a seasonal subsidary camp during the cotton harvest season. The prisoners lived in tents and were sent from the Florence Az main POW camp, which housed 5500 Germans.

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Q: Was there a World War 2 prisoner of war camp in marana Arizona?
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How many POW camps were in Oklahoma during World War 2?

I know there was one in Alva and one at Fort Reno.

What does POW mean World War 2?

Prisoner of war, usually said as POW camp.

Prisoner-of-war camp in Mindanao?

Yes. The Japanese ran a prisoner-of-war camp in Mindanao during World War II. If you have a more specific question about this, please go ahead and ask.

When was Lom prisoner of war camp created?

Lom prisoner of war camp was created in 1940.

When did Featherston prisoner of war camp happen?

Featherston prisoner of war camp happened in 1943.

Who ss officer was a prisoner in concentration camp before his ss career?

Hoess was a prisoner during the Weimar Republic, but this was not in a concentration camp.

What does POW camps stand for?

Prisoner of war camp FIRST

Whats The most well known prisoner of war camp?

changi in Singapore or sandakan in borneo or what about cowra it was a prisoner of war camp for Japanese

Why they call it ' an internment camp' instead of a prisoner of war camp?

An internment camp holds whomever the authorities want to hold. A "prisoner of war" camp is a special kind of internment camp, one that holds foreign soldiers captured in combat.

What nazi extermination camp did a successful prisoner uprise?

Treblinka extermination camp

What was a nazi camp commandant?

A commandant is the officer in command of either a prisoner of war camp OR a concentration camp.

What was Bergen-Belsen before it became a concentration camp?

It was originally a prisoner-of-war camp.