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Yes, it was from a German u boat that had fired a torpedo into the bottom part of the ship. There were over 90 children on the ship.

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Q: Was there a ship sunken with evacuee children on its way to Canada during the London Blitz?
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What happened to Children during The phony War?

Children seeped back into the cities, as parents and evacuee hosts felt there was no need for the children to be away from their homes if there was no great danger. And Hussies were Turds

What is a World War 2 evacuee?

In Britain during the Battle of Britain and after the Invasion of Normandy children were evacuated from London and other areas being bombed by the Nazi Germans. The children were taken by trains to safer rural areas to stay with people who had signed up to care for the children. This evacuation was administered by the Ministry of Health. Evacuees also came from Europe who were fleeing from the Nazi Germans. They evacuated their homes and went to Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, USA, Canada and any other country they could reach and who would accept them. Some people do not call them evacuees but rather escapees or evaders. But the proper term is evacuee.

Why did parents want to send children abroad during World War II?

Children in London and other parts of England were sent to live in Canada to protect them from the bombings by the Nazis.

What is an evacuee?

Evacuee was the label the Ministry of Health designated for the kids who were evacuated to the country. They sent them there to avoid the dangerous bombing during the Blitz. There were also adults with small children, elderly people and disabled people who were evacuees.

Where was the queen of Holand during World War 2?

London, then Canada.

What were these children called when sent to Canada during ww11?


How many hours ahead is London England from New Brunswick canada?

London is four hours ahead of New Brunswick during an average 93.43% of the year (London is three hours ahead of New Brunswick during the average 24 days per year when Canada is on Daylight Saving Time while Europe is on Winter Time).

Between which dates were children evacuated from London during World War 2?


What happened to evacuees once they left London?

Evacuees of London, England during World War II, most of them children, were sent to towns and cities that were north of London, England. Many citizens of London, England stayed in underground shelters overnight during the bombings. They had to leave them during the day and then stand in line to get back into them at night.

What did an evacuee wear to school during the bombing?

They might ear berets on their heads and they would wear a grey school coat.

Why did the pevensie children have to go live with professor digory kirke?

During world war 2 the german army would bomb London on a regular basis. To protect the children of London they would be evacuated to the country side. The parents still had to work though so they would stay behind in London.

Why were the Royal family so respected during World War 2?

Because they remained in London during the blitz when the easy option would have been to evacuate to Canada as many others did.