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All human beings living during the cold war (1945-1990) were witnesses. There was no war. Cold War means Military Stand-Off. Stand-Off means facing each other ready to fight... Ready to fight is not fighting.

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Q: Was there any witnesses of the cold war when it was happening?
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What was happening when Alaska became a state?

The Cold War.

What was happening 10 years after World War 2 ended?

The Cold War.

Is the cold war a land war?

"Cold War" is more a political condition than any kind of a land war.

How did war time conferences that lead to the cold war?

Atomic weapons created the cold war. Not any conferences.

How many WAR are happening?

How many WAR are happening?

What was Hitler's invovment in the cold war?

Hitler did not have any involvement in the Cold War, he was dead by the time it started.

Did Adolf Hitler shoot himself when the Cold War was happening?

No. Hitler died at the end of WW2. The cold war began in the 1950's. Hitler had been dead several years. Neither had anything to do with the other.

What is Obamas foreign policy?

he will win the war and stop any more from happening

Did any nukes fall in the cold war?

no cold war means that no bombs fell or killing hot war does mean death cold war people just hated each other.

Did any Americans die during the Cold War?

The cold war was not a war; it was a military stand-off (no war). Americans died to operational causes (accidents).

Did the salt you treaty end the cold war?

Not really. The Cold War was still happening after SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks). It didn't end until the Soviet Union ran out of money to keep up their military buildup.

How did warfare including the weapons and strategies change from World War 1 to the Cold War?

There wasn't any fighting in the cold war besides the Suez crisis in Egypt so the weapons had nothing to do with the cold war and also the cold war was after world WA 2