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Both WWII, Korea and Vietnam saw up to five percent of the Marine Corps strength coming from the draft. The threat of being drafted into the Army or the Marine Corps as cannon fodder has always kept long waiting lines at Air Force and Navy recruitment offices.

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Q: Was there ever a draft into the Marine Corp Air Force and Navy or was it just into the Army?
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How old did you have to be to join the army during World War 2?

Until dec.1942 they allowed voluntary enlistments in the army ,after only draftees between 18-38.The navy and marine corp allowed continued voluntary enlistment at the age of 17 with parental consent.These rules where not strictly adhered to,the army had cases of underage boys claiming to be of draft age,some aged less than 15.The navy and marine corp had a large number of underage volunteers the youngest known being a 12 year old seaman.Based on existing data one in 300 Americans killed in WWII was aged 17 or less at the time of death.

What unit had a patch royal blue triangle with a radio tower with lightning bolts at the top could be Marine Corp World War 2 shoulder patch?

I am not 100 percent certain, but I believe this is a patch for a WWII Army Air Force aircrew radioman. It would have been worn on the lower right sleeve of his uniform jacket.

Is Saint Michael the patron of the Marine Corp?

St. Michael the Archangel is a patron saint of soldiers and marines are soldiers. Therefore, he is a patron saint of marines, also. However, the US Marine Corp is an arm of the US Federal Government and is constitutionally prohibited from having an "official" patron saint.

What country used the M16 in the Vietnam war?

The M-16 rifle was carried by U S army units almost from the beginning of the vietnam conflict.The 7th Air Cav had them when they deployed to vietnam in august of 1965.The marine corp did not carry the M-16 until 1969 I believe.

Who given the honor of commanding the troops that formally accepted the surrender of the confederate army?

General Joshua Chamberlain commanded the 1st Division of 5th Corp of the Army of Potomac which gave the Honour of The Arms formally accepting the surrender of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, on Apr.12, 1865.

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Where can you get a section 8 application from?

Military branch (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp) Psychological Services.

Was there a HemisFair Platoon from the Marine Corps in 1968?

Yes, but it was from the U.S Army and not the Marine Corp.

What is the criteria for convicted felons joining the army?

Army and Marine corp can give 'moral waivers' and allow a person with only 1 felony conviction to enlist. If more than 1 conviction you are SOL for army or marine corp. The air Force and Navy allow waivers for multiple convictions, but waivers are a lot harder to get in these branches of the service.

How hard is bootcamp?

No...Its challanging but not hard..Marine Corp bootcamp is by far the hardest than the army

What is a synonym for colonel?

a colonel is military, marine corp, or air force above lieutenant and below brigadier.

What President had a falling out with a Marine Corp Commandant?

Archibald Henderson is credited with thwarting attempts by President Andrew Jackson to combine the Marine Corps with the Army in 1829.

Can you enlist into the Marine Corp after you leave the Air Force for a failed drug test?

It would be highly unlikely. Consult a Marine Recruiter with your DD-214 in hand.

How did the air force start?

The Air Force originially started as part of the Army (Army Air Corp) during WWII. It became a separate branch after the end of WWII.

What is the is military's population?

The 2009 military population comprised of the US Army, US Marine Corp. , US Navy, US Air Force And the US Coast Guard stood at 1,429, 995. There were also 850,880 involved in the US Reserves.

What rank is a SSG?

SSGT is a military rank in the US Air Force that means Staff Sergeant. In the US Air Force, it is used to signify an individual in the pay grade of E-5. In the Army and Marine Corp, the same name and abbreviation are used, but in this case, they signify someone in the pay grade of E-6.

Do the marine corp have a jump school?

No they do not have a jump school. They attend the Army jump school. In many cases the specific class will be all Marines.

What do they call a jail or prison for US Marines?

The Navy and Marine Corp refer to their jail as "brig" whereas the Army refers to jail as "stockade"