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Suez Canal.

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Q: Water passage in North Africa that the Germans wanted control of?
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Why was the battle of El alamein fought in North Africa?

Because both Germans and British wanted control of the Suez Canal.

What were hitlers view or ideas for the future?

he wanted to control the world and make his perfect Germans

Who wanted to end European control of Africa?

the pan-african

What were Adolf Hitler's views and ideas about the future?

He wanted to control the world and turn everyone into the perfect Germans for him

What went wrong when Hitler wanted to control the German Empire?

Nothing went wrong, he succeded in controling the Germans.

Why did the battle of el-alamein happen?

The Germans and Allies both wanted command of the Suez Canal -that was what the entire war in North Africa was about.

Why did England want South Africa?

The British wanted to control South Africa because it was one of the trade routes to India.

Why was South Africa given control of German Southwest Africa in the Treaty of Versailles?

because the germans was finished exlpoited all our resouces and they felt that they were done with the country after defeating local tribes and chiefs that settled here in the country which signed protection treaties with them and general theodoe leutwein wanted start with genocide

Why did most Germans wanted the Jews to live in Ghettos?

It wasn't the Germans. Very confusing, yes. The Germans and the Nazis were in different groups, though they followed the same leader. It was the Nazis who wanted this so they could keep track of and control as many Jewish people as they could. _____________________ Most Nazis were Germans. Ordinary Germans were happy to go along with the Nazi's wishes as they benefited in ways such as getting the Jews' jobs or their houses or businesses.

Why was the Battle of Stalingrad fought here?

The city of Stalingrad borders the Volga river and both Germans and Russians wanted to control river traffic .

Why did rulers of Morocco wanted to control West Africa?

to take over the trade so they could be rich

Why did the french want to gain control of North Africa?

They wanted it for there beautiful women that they could rape with out anyones disaproval.