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The United States has had a continuous military presence in South Vietnam since the war in 1950.

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Q: Were american soldiers stationed in South Korea during the Vietnam war?
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Where were the American soldiers stationed during World War 1?

Fort Moultrie Fort Chatanuga Fort Hillsworth

Were any American soldiers stationed in the South-East London area during World War 2?

During World War 2 there were, and still are, soldiers stationed all over Europe. It is possible, though not confirmed, that there were American soldiers stationed in South-East London during World War 2.

How many military personnel were stationed in Alaska during Vietnam?

my father was stationed in Alaska during the Vietnam war

How many us soldiers died in vietnam?

A total of 58,168 American soldiers died in Vietnam during the Vietnam War!!

How many died during the Vietnam Conflict?

58,226 American soldiers

Did American soldiers carry Vietnamese dictionaries with them during the war?

American soldiers were partially trained in the Vietnam language before they left to fight, but most certainly did use a language dictionary while there. It didn't take them long to pick up some of the language fast because it kept them alive. Many American soldiers (depending on where they were stationed) could speak fluent Vietnamese.

What did soldiers do for entertainment during the war?

Read paperback books, played cards, listened to the radio (Good Morning Vietnam type music stationed in Saigon).

Aproximately how many American soldiers were killed in the Vietnam War?

More than 58,000 American soldiers lost their lives during the Vietname War.

What unique faced the American soldiers during the Vietnam war?

Stabbed in the back by their own countrymen.

What are Chi-Coms that American soldiers carried during the Vietnam War?

Chi-Coms = Chinese Communists.

Large numbers of American soldiers fought against communist forces during what Asian war?

Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War African American soldiers were?

More likely than others to serve in combat positions