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Q: Were most civil war attacks at night?
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What Civil War had the most casualties?

Civil War

How did George Pickett affect the civil war?

George Pickett affected the Civil War by leading attacks. He was a General who lead the futile assault at the Battle of Gettysburg.

What was the south's war strategy during the Civil War?

The souths plan to win the war was to repel the attacks instead of invading the North.

What state has the most civil war sites?

Virginia had the most Civil War battles.

Did most blacks leave the south after the civil war?

No, most blacks did not leave the south after the civil war.

Did Germany lead the most attacks during World War 2?

Yes, Hitler and the Nazis took part in and plannedd most of the attacks in World War II.

Who controlled most of the railroads during the civil war?

The North controlled most of the railroads during the Civil War.

Who was the governor of the Civil War in most of it?

There was no "governor" of the civil war. There were to Presidents, the Union and Confederacy.

What is the most important fact about the civil war?

The American Civil War ended in 1865.

What did the north destroy during the civil war to hurt the south economically?

most of their fields and lands for crops also tried to steal most of their weapons over night

Which war had the most fatalaties?

For Americans the civil war had the most fatalities.

What war had the most killed?

American Civil War