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no the couldn't be or else they wouldn't be abolitionists no the couldn't be or else they wouldn't be abolitionists

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Q: Were some abolitionists racists
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Yes, some people are.

What is the ISBN of Racists?

The ISBN of Racists is 9780297850663.

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Who were some of the famous abolitionists?

John Brown

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What were some of the characteristics and qualities of the abolitionists?

wanted to end slavery

Who Were some important abolitionists?

Some of the people who were important abolitionists are William Lloyd, Frederick Douglass, Lydia Maria Child, and John Brown. Additional abolitionists who were important in helping to end slavery are Henry Ward Beecher, Harriot Tubman, and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

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Why did some abolitionists want to send freed African-Americans to Africa?

i hate this website cause it never have the answers .