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Was World War I a Just War?

Many people believe that World War I was not a just war. Strong, courageous, and bold, millions of soldiers fought for a mighty cause and had an adventure of a lifetime. By the end of the war in 1918, millions of soldiers never would return home again, and although they have been missed greatly, we have, and always will give thanks to them for everything they have done for us. According to the Catholic Catechism of Just War, World War I was a just war because: damage inflicted by the aggressor on the allied powers was surely lasting and grave, means to end the war were put in action and became ineffective, and impractical, and finally, each alliance felt victory was theirs but truly both sides won in separate ways. The loss of brave soldiers, damage of landscapes, and emotional wreckages were only three of the many devastating catastrophic blows to our world, after the oppressions of World War I. From the bloody baths of no-man's land and the trenches, to the desolate plains of war stricken land; one can say that without a doubt; that the world was changed. Terrain was in unbearable conditions, littered with the lifeless bodies of soldiers, and was not in any type of living, or farming quality for a lasting period of time. Not only had land been destroyed by the World War, but also the emotional states left in the minds of many people. Devastating affairs took people through unbelievable trials and tribulations, especially grieving the loss of loved ones. The death of millions of young men was the greatest damage inflicted upon both alliances and was surely inexhaustible. The Great War was ultimately a deplorable affair, and ultimatums were proposed to end this heartbreaking lament. still to be continued.....( opinion piece for academic history)

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No war ever has been fair & just & it never will be. Warfare is mankind at its most unfair & unjust. Sure, the winners try to justify what they have done, sure they try to assure everyone that their soldiers obeyed the rules, such as they are. But warfare is the ultimate in the baseness of what humans to to each other. Please don't misunderstand what I am saying: War is a necessary part of what humans have, and probably always will, do to each other. But it does not make it right to do it, I simply say it is inevitable. But fairness & justifiability do not sit easily on the shoulders of warfare.

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I am currently working on something where I need to answer, 'Is there such a thing as fairness in war?' I would say that no, war can't be fair. Because no matter what, people always get killed. Even if it's in retaliation/defence both sides lose out. And it's usually innocent people that are affected most by war, it's definitely not fair on them. I would also say that it isn't fair because the war shouldn't have started in the first place, regardless of the circumstances, there are other ways to resolve whatever the conflict is about.

My answer is purely opinionated, but I guess that's what the question asks for really.

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It can be argued that the harshness of the treaty of Versailles is a main reason that we had World War II. So in that respect no the terms weren't fair. The British and French wanted to make Germany pay for most of the war. President Wilson did warn of this but too no avail. The treaty of Versailles put Germany in a deep depression that allowed for a breakdown in the social structure which ultimately led to Hitler and World War II.

That's a fair statement of fact. The idea was that Germany being responsible, should pay properly for their deeds, and it was miscalculated. Some argue that this led to Germany being let off too lightly after the second war.

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Q: Were the peace terms fair in world war1?
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