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We are all responsible for our actions, whether obeying orders or not.

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Q: Were the people who carried out the Holocaust responsible for their actions or were they just following orders?
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Did the Germans or Nazis carry out the holocaust?

Technically, the Nazis, SS, Ukrainians, and Hungarians carried out the task. Some Jews, called kapos were also collaborators.

What was the hollocust?

The holocaust was the mass murderig of mainly jews but also people like disabled people or homosexual people, they wre put into consentration camps and starved,beaten and made to work, many people died, some went into the rich peoples houses as slaves and could be beaten when ever. The holocaust was lead by Hitler in the 2nd world war there are still survivors of the holocaust today, eg. I know the first soldier who went into Auschwitz as the holocaust ended to help get people out. The holocaust was horrible. You can find out more by just googleing the holocaust hope this helped :)

Following the 1967 Six-Day War terrorist organizations carried out attacks on which of these?

The six day war took place in June of 1967. Following its conclusion terrorists attacked Gaza and the West Bank.

Why did the Holocaust happen in Germany?

It is an oft asked question, there was not (as some tried to suggest) a specifically German thing about the Holocaust. Germany, under the Nazis provided the breeding ground for many of the factors leading to the Holocaust, but it was only when the war came and the pressures of the eastern front that persecution turned to genocide. There were many genocides carried out in Europe at the time of the Holocaust, the one in Yugoslavia, more brutal that the Holocaust may have happened under the protection of Germany, but was not instgated by Germany. Many facets of the Holocaust were due to the problems created by underlying resentment from especially the last twenty years, but in some cases beyond. __________________________ Another view is that it was all because Hitler said so.

Who committed the Holocaust?

The killings in the camps were carried out by the Totenkopfverbände (Death's Head Units) of the SS, assisted by various deserters from the Soviet Army and by others.Mass shootings in Russia were mainly done by special squads ("Einsatzgruppen") of the SD and some specially formed police (!) units.Ukrainian, Latvian and Bosnian units in the Waffen-SS also played a part.Local volunteers, for example in Lithuania.Croatia and Romania carried out their own national 'holocausts'.The killings were carried out by the SS, assisted by various collaborators.

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What country was considered responsible for the Holocaust?

The holocaust was carried out by Germany.

What does Germany have to do with the Holocaust?

Germany planned and carried out the Holocaust.

What war was it during when Nazis carried out the Holocaust?

Nazis carried out the Holocaust during and just before WW II

How did the killings of the Nazis link to the later holocaust of Jews and gypsies?

It was the Nazis who carried out the Holocaust.

Who was responsible for the actions of a thief in ancient Japan?

In ancient Japan, the individual responsible for the actions of a thief was the thief themselves. The thief was held accountable for their criminal actions, and punishment was often carried out accordingly by the authorities or through community justice systems such as the neighborhood watch or local samurai.

Was the Holocaust in Europe or Germany?

Germany is in Europe, anyway.The Holocaust - the extermination of the Jews - was maonly carried out in Poland.

What was the destruction of human life carried out by the Nazi's is known as?

the holocaust

How was the final stage carried out the holocaust?

presumably you are referring to the Death Marches.

What does carried away mean?

The phrase don't get carried away means to not get overcome with emotion, or get carried away with ones actions.

What does get carried away mean?

The phrase don't get carried away means to not get overcome with emotion, or get carried away with ones actions.

What are the four actions carried out by Multicellular Organisms?

The four actions carried out by multicellular organisms are feeding, respiration, reproduction, and responding to stimuli. These activities enable multicellular organisms to survive, grow, and reproduce in their environment.

The person responsible for a mass murder in California in 1969 was?

The person responsible for the mass murders in California in 1969 was Charles Manson. Charles Manson had a cult following of females that carried out the murders, and he was charged under the joint responsibility laws.