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No there where not.

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Q: Were there security cameras in World War 2?
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What types of Cameras were there during world war 2?

There were various types of cameras used during World War 2. For example, there was the Rolliflex Automat type of camera.

Underwater detector during World War 2?

They used to train dolphins with cameras.

What are the total number of types in security cameras?

There are various types of security cameras that we need for various purpose like- 1. The IP security camera 2. DIY security cameras 3. PTZ security cameras 4. General CTTV cameras for house surveillance etc Get the best of information from:-

How did a failure of collective security contribute to World War 2?

== ==

Old private security before 2 world war?

describe the evolution of private security, address how would war 2 had a major influence on the growth of the private security industry.

Why was the commonwealth games not held in world war 2?

due to world war 2 security reasons were cited concerning athletes , and hence commonwealth games were not held in world war 2

Did congress borrow from social security during World War 2?


Who met the evacuees during world war 2?

Customs and security officials

Did they have CCTV cameras in World War 2?

No. During the 1940s CCTV was not invented. Soldiers would carry cameras with them to capture footage which is how you get all the footage in the history programs you see.

How did concerns about internal security affect the us after World War 2?

that they will be worried about the Japanese and the atomic bomb or a new world war 3

What was the Power center of united nations during World War 2?

Security Council

Which of these was not directly related to World War 2?

National Security Act