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Hitler believed that the only people that deserved to live in general and in Europe were pure germans. no people of jewish ancestry were worthy in his eyes. the mass genocide of millions of jews and people of other races was called the Holocaust, prompted by hitlers idea of "Racial Purity".

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Q: What Assumption Bolstered Hitler's Racial Ideas?
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Nazi ideology was based on ideas about what?

Racial inequality Idiot!

How were Hitler's racial ideas and policies connected to extreme nationalism?

Hitler believed that the best race was the pure white, non Jewish race . He belived that Germany was the best country and was fit to rule the world.

Who was Joseph Goebbels?

He was one of Hitlers closest associates and was a strong follower of the Nazi party. He worked with the Nazi party and helped them gain support in Berlin. HE was minister of propaganda (ideas and ways to gain publicity and votes etc) He was important in gaining all the seats they did in the reichstag (parliment)

What racial and nationalistic ideas did the nazi promote?

Aryan and Facism

How did Hitler use propaganda to control the German people?

The most known symbol Adolph Hitler used for propaganda was the swastika; that’s how he brainwashed the soldiers; because the swastika actually means " peace". He took a symbol that stood for something good, and made all of man recognize it as evil. Also Hitler made artists only draw what he wanted, to market and convey to the public his ideas. He once said if a man painted the sky green he should be shot. Hitler simplified topics and used marketing methods: ~ Keep it short and simple. The dumbest person of the audience shall understand the message. ~ Repeat your message as often as necessary. (See how often ads nowadays are repeated). ~ Give easy solutions for complex relations. ~ Well, German people bought the success of Hitlers methods - within 4 years unemployment went down from 6 Million to almost zero (He banned the unions, he opened so called "labor camps" and put German socialists into jail).

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'Hitler's ideas were deadly'?

Hitlers ideas of ruling the world were very deadly. His ideas involved killing a whole human race. Hitlers ideas cost the lives of millions of innocent people.

What were hitlers view or ideas for the future?

he wanted to control the world and make his perfect Germans

Nazi ideology was based on ideas about what?

Racial inequality Idiot!

What ideas was Nazi ideology based on?

Racial inequality Idiot!

Plato's assumption that certain ideas are inborn is most directly relevant to the controversy regarding?

nature and nurture

If Plato's assumption that certain ideas are inborn is most directly relevant to the controversy regarding?

Nature versus nurture

An extreme form of fasicm shaped by Hitler's fanatical ideas about German nationlism and racial superiority?

That would be Nazism.

What is the behavioral assumption of the modern financial-economic theory?

The behavioral assumption of the modern financial-economic theory runs counter to the ideas of trustworthiness, loyalty, fidelity, stewardship, and concern for others that underlie the traditional principal-agent relationship.

What were Adolf Hitler's ideas and how did he rise to power?

Hitlers ideas were that because they just lost world war 1 the only people we could blame it on was the Jews. Hitler also had a very business type of speech - he could convince anyone that he was right even though he was a.messed up piece of bolonga

A decision to believe something about something as true?

This would be an assumption. It might also apply to hypothesis. You have some ideas or make some assumptions about how something works, and this drives experimental inquiry.

What racial nationalistic ideas did Nazis promote?

Nazi Propaganda often promoted German pride and denigrated all other races and ethnicities. It emphasized the purity and superiority of the Aryan race.

What was the reaction of a Jewish woman to Hitler's ideas?

There is a strange and mistaken assumption in the question that Jewish women's reactions were different from Jewish men's reactions. ( I wonder if this is a homework question motivated fby feminist dogmatism).