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The Battle of Shiloh, called also the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, on Apr. 6 - 7,1862.

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Q: What Battle took place at a small river town outside of Pittsburghh Landing Tennessee?
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What was the battle outside the Pittsburgh landing Tennessee?

The Battle of Shiloh,April 6th and 7th 1862.

What was the Battle outside of Pittsburgh Landing and Tennessee?

The Battle of Shiloh,April 6th and 7th 1862.

What union general won the battle at Pittsburghh landing TN?

Ulysses S. Grant was the union general whom won the battle at Pittsburg Landing, Tennesee

Why is the Battle of Shiloh also known as the battle of Pittsburghh standing?

It was the custom for the South to name their battles after the nearest town or village (Shiloh), whereas the North named theirs after geographical features (Pittsburg Landing).

Where was the battle of shlioh fought at?

Shiloh, Tennessee (Pittsburgh Landing)

Where was the location of the Battle of Shiloh?

Pittburgh Landing on the Tennessee River.

What state was the Battle of Shiloh fought in?

Shiloh was fought at Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River in Southern Tennessee.

What battle took place at Pittsburgh landing Tennessee during the civil war?


What was the battle of Shiloh also known as?

The Battle of Shiloh was also known as the Battle of Pittsburg Landing. Pittsburg landing was a steamboat landing place on the south bank of the Tennessee River, where the Yankees had made their camp. Shiloh Church was a tiny local church in the vicinity.

Where did the Battle of Shiloh take place in the civil war?

The Battle of Shiloh, also called the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, occurred in Southwestern Tennessee, in Hardin County.

Where did Shiloh battle occur?

The US Civil War Battle of Shiloh took place just off of Pittsburg Landing which lay on the Tennessee River. The Confederate state of Tennessee was its Southern location.

Where General Grant wait for the arrival of General Buell?

Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee river. (Battle of Shiloh)