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United States Department of Homeland Security

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Q: What Cabinet department of the Federal government was established in November 2002?
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Name the team of three members sent by the British Government to find a solution to the question of India's independence?

this team was called cabinet mission...............

Who were the cabinet secretaries of the Philippines in 1941?

PHILIPPINE CABINET SECRETARIES IN 1941* Mr. Benigno S. Aquino, Sr. was Secretary of the Department of Agriculture in 1941. * The Department of National Defense (DND) had three secretaries in 1941. Mr. Teofilo L. Sison, the first DND Secretary, served from Nov. 1, 1939 to July 15, 1941. There was no DND Secretary from July 16, 1941 to December 10, 1941. On December 11-22, 1941, Mr. Jorge B. Vargas was appointed DND Secretary. He was succeeded by Mr. Basilio J. Valdes, who served as DND Secretary from December 23, 1941 to February 6, 1945.* The Department of Education, then called the Bureau of Education under the Department of Public Instruction, was under American rule. While all other departments were "Filipinized," the US held on to the Department of Public Instruction.* There was no Department of Health then. It was called the Bureau of Health, a bureau under the Department of Public Instruction, which was headed by an American.

What are the president's closest advisors called?


What was the political system in France before World War 2?

France was a parliamentary republic known as the Third Republic. The government was unstable, with frequent changes in the Cabinet.

Secretary of the Treasury Samuel Chase sought to fund the Union war effort by doing what?

The only "Chase" as Sec/Treasury is Salmon Portland Chase. He established the National Banking System. As an aside, Chase was near to be a radical Republican then anyone else in the Lincoln cabinet, yet, he was against the Emancipation Proclamation for military reasons.

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What is the executive branchof your government?

the president, cabinet and it's department.

What is the last department of the cabinet established in 2002 by George W. Bush?

Homeland Security

What is the Cabinet Office responsible for?

The Cabinet Office is a department of the Government of the United Kingdom. The Cabinet is responsible for supporting the Prime Minister, supporting the Cabinet and strengthening civil service.

Is the dept of defense a private or public sector?

The Department of Defense is a Cabinet-level Department in the United States government. As a part of the Government, it is public sector.

How many cabinet posts are there?

There are 15 cabinet posts that have departments in the US government. There are also 8 cabinet level posts that do not have a department including the vice president.

What is Cabinet system of government?

ther a bunch of people who help the president make decisions- - the department of state - the department of treasury - the department of war

What are the four cabinet departmaents?

There are fifteen cabinet level departments in the executive branch of the U.S. federal government. Four were created by George Washington during his presidency: the State Department, the Treasury Department, the Justice Department, and the War Department, which became the Defence Department in 1946.

Is the Department of Transportation a federal department?

The US government has a cabinet-level Department of Transportation. However, most states also have their own Departments of Transportation.

Is the secretary of state a cabinet department?

Yes, it is a Cabinet department

Is Education not a cabinet department?

Education is a department in the Presidential Cabinet.

Where does the cabinet of the president exist?

The cabinet is the name for the group of department heads of the US government that report to the President. These people live In Washington , DC.

How are new cabinet departments established?

New cabinet departments are established when Congress passes legislation creating the department. For example after the 9-11 attacks at President Bush's urging The Department of Homeland Security was formed. It took the Congress less than a year to conceive, draft, and pass the bill authorizing the department - a remarkable accomplishment given the enormity of the task.