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Six German Battleships were sunk in WW II, by German definitions, although only two were widely considered as true modern battleships.

Bismarck and her sister, Tirpitz were splendidly armored, and armed modern battleships. Germany did consider Scharnhorst and Gneisenau battleships too, but these two ships were widely considered battlecruisers by other countries, although in no way did they resemble battlecruisers except in speed (they were very heavily armored, and lightly gunned, battlecruisers were not generally well armored).

Germany also lost two very old pre-Dreadnought battleships, Schleswig-Holstein and Schlesien. These ships were not much larger than a heavy cruiser, however, and in no way resembled a battleship of that period.

The so called "Pocket Battleships" were not considered battleships by any navy, despite their name. Germans considered them "armored cruisers", and in any event, they were smaller and displaced less than German heavy cruisers from that time.

The correct answer is six, going by what the Germans considered the units, but it could be four if you only consider modern ships, or two if you only consider what were internationally accept as true battleships.

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Prinz Eugen. Actually, she wasn't sunk, but surrendered to the British in Copenhagen in 1945

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Q: What German ships were sunk in the pacific?
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The Germans sunk more, cause the US didn't have many, and most of them were in the Pacific.

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War time or peace time? In peace time, the major warships sunk in the ocean have been: 1. Battleship USS Oklahoma, sunk while under tow to California after WWII. 2. Battleship USS Arkansas, sunk by an Atomic Bomb, during testing in the Pacific in 1946. 3. Battleship USS Nevada, sunk for target practice in the Pacific. 4. Battleship USS Pennsylvania, sunk for target practice in the Pacific. 5. Battleship USS New York, sunk for target practice in the Pacific. Wartime, in the ocean: British Battleship HMS Prince of Wales was sunk by Japanese airplanes in the Pacific (South China Sea-part of the Pacific). Japanese Battleship IJN Yamato, sunk by US airplanes in the Pacific. German Battleship DKM Bismarck, sunk itself in the Atlantic.

Were was the pasific fleet of the u.s.a navy sunk?

The entire Pacific Fleet of the US Navy has never been sunk. When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1942, just over 50% of the ships assigned to the Pacific Command were sunk. Throughout WWII, many ships were sunk, some the original ships from the Pacific, some that came over from the Atlantic. The US, so far, has not suffered true defeat at the hands of any foe.

How were German U-Boats used against Americans?

They sunk American ships.

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They got in the war because German ships sunk U.S cargo ships

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They got in the war because German ships sunk U.S cargo ships

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The three ships were Titanic, Olympic, and Britannic. Titanic sunk of the coast of Canada, Britannic was sunk by a German mine, and Olympic was scrapped in 1937

How many ships sunk in 1912?

23456 ships sunk

How many ships were sunk in the Atlantic ocean by German U-boats between 1939 and 1945?


What passenger ships were sunk by German u-boats in World War 1?

Ocean liner Lusitania.

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it is 1 of the 3 sister ships of titanic and olyimpic and was sunk by a German u-boat It was renamed the Britannic

Which Cruise Ships where sunk during World War 2?

Old Answer: Lusitania was the ship that was sunk in World War 1 on the 1st May 1915, but I don't know about World War 2. New Answer: The Athenia was sunk by the German's in 1939.