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Q: What Louisiana parish served as a headquarters for a mock war during world war 2?
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What part of speech is parish?

"Parish" is a noun - it describes an area served by a church, and is the name for the political areas in Louisiana that correspond to other state's 'county'. Louisiana was once a French colony, which explains a lot.

Name the town where Jesus' headquarters was during His Ministry in Galilee?

Capernaum was the town where Jesus' headquarters was located during His ministry in Galilee. It served as a central base for His teachings and miracles in the region.

The church served as what center?

The church served as the center of all of them. The parish was the center of the community and people's lives revolved around parish life.

What is a parish community?

A parish community was a community served by one parish priest. The community revolved around and lived in close proximity to the church.

What cities served as state capitals of Louisiana during the civil war?

Baton Rouge, Opelousas, and Shreveport

Who was the Governor of Louisiana in 1816?

William CC Claiborne (born c. 1775 in Sussex County, Virginia; died November 23, 1817 in New Orleans, Louisiana) served as the first Governor of Louisiana, serving between April 30, 1812 and December 16, 1816. Following the end of Claiborne's term as Governor of Louisiana, Jacques Villeré (born April 28, 1761 in St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana; died March 7, 1830 in Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana) became the second Governor of Louisiana, serving between December 16, 1816 and December 18, 1820.

What city served as the headquarters of the Inca empire?


What does the name parish mean?

A parish is an ecclesiastical unit in the Catholic and Anglican churches. The parish is the area served by a parish church and a parish priest. In days gone by, institutional charity was practised by the churches, and one of their services was to care for foundlings and other abandoned children. Such children would be parish children and this may be the origin of the surname Parish or Parrish.

How many terms has Edwin Edwards served in Louisiana?

Edwin Edwards served four terms as Governor of Louisiana. However, they were not consecutive terms, spanning from 1972-1996. He also "served" 10 years in prison for corruption.

Which city served as headquarters to abolitionist who published newspapers and antislavery tracts?

new york

Which two Louisiana governors have served prison sentences?

Edwards and Jindall

What Indian woman served as a guide and translator for exploration of the Louisiana purchase?