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There are currently 9,000 US soldiers who are deployed to Afghanistan. They include a division headquarters unit, a combat aviation brigade unit, a corps headquarters unit and three brigade combat teams.

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That information is only available on a 'need to know' basis. You will be advised if and when you 'need to know'.

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Q: What US military units are currently deployed in Afghanistan?
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Do women from the National Guard get drafted?

I think you mean deployed. Yes, females in the National Guard can get deployed.

Is the Alabama National Guard fighting in Syria?

Units and elements of the US Armed Forces currently deployed within the borders of Syria are classified.

Who was the first National Guard Officer deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom?

It wouldn't come own to one single name. When National Guard units are activated and deployed, whole units are deployed, and these will often be activated as attachments to Regular Army units. The National Guard has been involved in OIF since it kicked off, and several National Guard units were called up simultaneously.

Do graduates of the Naval Academy get deployed?

Graduates of the Naval Academy are commissioned officers. They are assigned to ships and units. They will be deployed as part of the unit.

When did the U S Army stop using horses in combat?

The last horse-based cavalry units were used in combat during WW2, on the Bataan Peninsula, in January 1942 against the Japanese. That didn't end the use of horses altogether, though - special operations units in Afghanistan which work with local militias are currently using horses in Afghanistan.

In the available force pool the AA units not deployed are rapid deployment?

Rapid deployment units can be quickly mobilized and sent to areas where they are needed most in a timely manner. They often serve as backup or reserve forces to reinforce existing units or respond to emerging threats swiftly. By keeping these units in reserve, military commanders can maintain flexibility and respond effectively to changing situations on the battlefield.

Landfill trenches for large deployed units should be dug?

perpdicular to the prevailing wind

Where can one find a list of the troops in Afghanistan?

The precise list of troops in Afghanistan would be difficult to obtain, as some units will be special service troops and will not advertise their presence in Afghanistan.

What are non-rotational non-force pools units?

Non-rotational non-force pool units are specialized military units that are not regularly rotated or deployed to areas of conflict. They are typically dedicated to specific roles such as support, logistics, or training, and remain stationed at their home bases for extended periods of time. These units may not be part of the regular force structure available for rapid deployment.

What language is spoken by the army in afghanistan?

The Afghan Armed Forces has both Pashto-speaking units and Dari-speaking units.

Who is the leader of the Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan?

the leader is Richard HidliarLieutenant General Marc Lessard is the Commander in Chief of the Canadian Armed Forces units in Afghanistan.

What unit is least likely to be deployed overseas in national guard?

All units are prone for deployment on a rotating basis.