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The state of South Carolina was the first state to leave the United States prior to the Civil War. They started the Confederacy.

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The firing on Fort Sumter started the Civil War.

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Q: What action taken by South Carolina started the civil war?
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What state in the south started the civil war?

south carolina

The US Civil War was started in the state of?

South Carolina.

Where did the civil start?

It started in South Carolina, Fort Sumter

What event in South Carolina started civil war?

Ft. Sumter started on April 12, 1861 in the harbor in South Carolina around 4 am.

The fort in south carolina where the civil war started?

Fort Sumter

Where was the civil was started?

The Civil War started in Fort Sumter, South Carolina. That was where the first shots were fired. This happened in 1861.

What started the American Civil War?

The Civil War started when South Carolina fired on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. South Carolina chose to seceed from the Union because they were afraid of what Abraham Lincoln would do about ending slavery.

Where did the Americans Civil War begun at?

The South and North had tension way before the Civil War, but the Civil War started at Fort Sumter, South Carolina. That is where the opening shots were fired.

What state is directly north of the sate where the civil war started?

Secession started in and the first battle was in South Carolina (Fort Sumter). The state immediately to its north is North Carolina.

What was the name of the place where the civil war started?

Fort Sumter, located in Charlston Harbor, South Carolina.

What city and state did the civil war start in?

The war started at Charleston Harbor, Charleston, South Carolina.

When did South Carolina seeceed from the us during the civil war?

December 1860 - before the war started.