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During the American Civil War, General Grant's armies secured tremendous advantages for the North through each year of the conflict. Being driven by Grant's tenacious and aggressive leadership, these armies broke the South in two with their capture of Vicksburg (Mississippi) in the Western Theater. Later, in the Eastern Theater, armies led by Grant pushed the Confederates back to the gates of Richmond and beyond, resulting in the end of the war as a whole.

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they had alot of land and supplies to survive.

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Q: What advantages did general Grant's armies gain for the North?
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What advantages did General Grant's armies gain from the North?

Grant's advantage was that the Northern farms and industries could keep his forces well supplied.

Who were the leaders of the North and South Armies?

North: General Ulysses S. Grant South: General Robert E. Lee

Who was the head general of the north in the civil war?

Ulysses S. Grant was the general of all Northern Armies.

Was Ulysses S. Grant in the north?

Yes, he was General-in-Chief of all the Union armies.

Which side did civil war grant fight for North or South?

North. He ended the war as General-in-Chief of the Union armies.

Who the first general for the north end of the war?

The last General-in-Chief of the Northern (Union) armies was U.S. Grant, appointed in March 1864.

Who was the final commanding general for the north in the civil war?

The general in chief of all Union armies at the end of the war was Ulysses S. Grant.

What advantages did the North have in the American Civil War?

The North had huge advantages in the US Civil War. It's large population enabled it to build large armies. The North had an industrial base that enabled it to produce weapons and build warships in safe harbors such as New York City.

What were three advantages of the north?

Bigger population to recruit armies from. Modern industry to manufacture war-supplies. A President of exceptional political talent.

What were three main advantages for the north over the south?

A much larger population from which to raise armies, a vastly larger industrial capacity with which to supply those armies, several times the amount of railroad mileage upon which to transport those armies and supplies to the battle fronts

How did general grants terms of sirrender promote reconciliation between the north and the south?

I kno!!!! look it up in your U.S. history book...ahaha

How did the advantages of the north at he start of the war continue to be advantages?

The North had several advantages at the start of the war, including a larger population, a more developed industrial base, and more extensive transportation networks. These advantages continued to be advantages throughout the war as the North was able to mobilize more troops and resources, produce more weapons and supplies, and maintain better communication and supply lines. Additionally, the North's control of the seas allowed them to blockade Southern ports, cutting off crucial trade routes and weakening the Southern economy.