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== == By the end of WW2, the British land forces had about 60 percent Canadian made small arms, such as rifles, Bren Guns and anti tank weapons. The Royal Airforce had 100's of Canadian made aircraft, such as Hurricanes, Spitfires and Mustangs, which had been built in Canada. The RAF heavy bomber units had about 40 percent Canadian built Halifax and Lancaster aircraft. Canada supplied millions of rounds of rifle, machine gun and pistol ammunition, as well as 75mm tank gun rounds, 25 pounder artillery gun rounds and naval torpedos and anti-submarine depth charges. All of this production was sent to Britain by ship from Canadian manufacturing plants, mainly in Ontario and Quebec. The western Provinces contributed agricultural products like flour, bran, beef and pork which was butchered and canned for military rations, and to feed the British people. Butter and honey was also sent in cans and so was sugar, made from sugar beets. Canada also made military uniforms and wool blankets for the British armed forces, and flotation life jackets for the Royal Navy, as well as silk parachutes for the RAF. Canadian lumber was sent to build new military bases in the UK , and we also provided steam locomotives for the British railways to help move more supplies around. Trucks by the thousands were built in Canada and supplied to both the British and Indian armies for moving men and supplies. So, Yes, Canada made a huge contribution to the winning of WW2, not only in terms of manpower for the fighting units of the Canadian Forces, but also in terms of material goods and food stuffs that helped to feed the British people during the war.

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Q: What amount of military supplies did Canada send Britain in World War 2?
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