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The US and Russia do commercial trading. Which was forbidden during the cold war.

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Q: What are US and Russian relations like today?
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What are US relations with Vietnam like today after the Vietnam war?

Since the mid 90's, Vietnam is a regular (Communist) country doing regular business with regular countries, including the US.

Is the US Army friends with the Russian spetsnaz?

Not really. Relations between the two countries are at a bit of a low point right now.

What happened to US Russia relations at the close of World War 1?

At the end of World War II United State Russian relations largely deteriorated. (We should have just listened to Patton)

Is isolationism possible in today's world?

Yes, because the US tries to limit their cautions and relations.

How does America get along with the vietamese today?

In 1994/1995 US-Vietnamese relations were established. Vietnam is a tourist area today. The young Vietnamese citizens, under 30 years old, do NOT remember the Vietnam War.

What is Israel's relations with the US?

Very strong, they do what they like and the USA pays for it.

How did the US when Castro seized American businesses in cuba?

The US promtly ended diplomatic relations and created an embargo against Cuba that still stands today.

What effect does the Bay of Pigs invasion have on us today?

Even now, in the year 2011, the US and Cuba are not on good terms with each other and do not have diplomatic relations.

Are Russian troops in the us?

No, Russian troops are not in the US

Number of vehicles on road in US today?

like 155,000,000 vehicles in US today

To what extent did the Space Race in 1957 have an effect on the US and Soviets union current condition?

Since the collapse of the USSR in 1991 US and Russian relations have been good. The space shows that we are willing to pay billions to get things done first plus that we were ahead of the soviets. That has little impact in current relations

What do Russian people wear?

Its like in the us. Its very differnet from place to place. But the stereo type of old womans are a scarf around the head like muslims. but only half. Just search on russian old woman. The young people is like in the us