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Soldiers live in barracks

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Q: What are large buildings where soldiers live called?
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What kind of buildings did the Jews live in?

When the Nazis enforced them, they tried to get all of them to live in large, crowded areas called Ghettos.

A large building where soldiers live?


What is the large building where soldiers live?

Army barracks.

What biuldig do missionary live in?

The live in buildings which are collectively called missions.

Soldiers who live on ships are called?


What are quarters to live in usually in the armed forces?

On a Military Base, Soldiers' quarters are called Barracks. On some bases they are wooden structures that date back to WW2. On other bases, they are modern buildings.

What is the name of the place where soldiers live?

It is called a barn

What is a country house with farm buildings called?

farm buildings are called barns where animals live.

What do the maori live in?

The modern Maori families live in maraes, which are large buildings that often have carvings and paua shell adorning it

Where did roman soldiers live?

They lived in houses called barracks.

Where do daddy long legs live?

Daddy Longlegs often live in large numbers in caves or other sheltered places.

How do you define a town?

A town is a large aggregation of houses and other buildings with political boundaries in which a large number of people live, work, and play.