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1. US retains: USS Iowa (class leader); USS New Jersey; USS Wisconsin; USS Missouri. USS North Carolina, USS Alabama, USS Massachuetts, and the USS Texas. The USS Texas is the only known Dreadnaught still afloat. 2. Japan retains: IJN Mikasa, a 12" gunned Pre-Dreadnaught veteran from the Russian-Japanese War in 1904-1905 (Battle of Tsushima specifically). Mikasa is the only known PRE-Dreadnaught still in existance. Russia retains the Battle of Tsushima veteran, their Imperial Cruiser AURORA, still afloat. And the US still has Admiral Dewey's flagship, the USN Cruiser USS Olympia (Spanish-American War 1898), still afloat.

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Q: What are some current battleships?
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What is the designation for us navy battleships?

Battleships are indicated by a BB as their designation. Currently the US does not have any active duty battleships. Today's cruisers have as much capability, and are as large, as some of the earlier battleships.

Why was the loss of so many battleships at pearl harbor not so devastating?

Because America still had some battleships and all their air crafts

Is There any Strong BattleShips?

All battleships are strong...otherwise they would not be battleships.

What were some names of battleships that were at d-day?

The old dreadnaught Texas was there. Any of the old US Navy battleships were sent to the Atlantic, the new ones had to fight in the Pacific. The old US Battleships were simply "targets" in the Pacific.

How much do battleships weigh?

Battleships weigh about 50,000 tons

What is the collective noun for battleships?

The collective noun is 'a flotilla of battleships'.

What are the contributions of the battle of Jutland?

It demonstrated that "Battlecruisers" shouldn't fight battleships...nor be used like battleships. Battleships are for "slugging it out" with other battleships; battlecruisers are for reconniassance, raiding, and killing cruisers.

Why was the battleships invented?

Who invented the war machines, tanks, battleships, and crossbow?

How many battleships were in the Yamato Class?

Two battleships (Yamato and Musashi)

Do all states have battleships named after them?

No. The US Navy did not have that many battleships.

How many battleships did Britain have in 1940?

Japan had 8 battleships built as such and also 4 fast battleships which had been built as battlecruisers but improved between the wars.

How many battleships did great Britain have?

From 1906 to 1944; Britain had about 43 battleships.