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Charlie, Mister Charles, VC, Cong, Gooks, slopes. slants, and yangs,etc. Derogatory terms to be sure, with the exception of Mr. Charles for North Vietnames Army Regulars when they stood and fought. On those occasions he was deemed worthy not only of respect, but of honor.

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USAF Colonel Robin Olds, Fighter Ace from WWII over Europe, and victor of 4 NVAF MIGs over North Vietnam; USAF Captain Steve Ritchie last USAF Fighter Ace of the 20th century; USN Lieutenant Randy Cunningham last USN Fighter Ace of the 20th century. USA General Creighton Abrams, namesake of today's M-1 Main Battle Tank; General George Patton, son of WW2 George Patton; Screen Actor (Movie Star) Jimmy Stewart who was a WW2 Bomber Squadron Leader over Europe flying B-24 Liberators, flew B-52 Stratofortess Bombers over North Vietnam.

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Q: What are some names of American soldiers in the Vietnam war?
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Yes, to refer to a large hairy person

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Vietnam has no deserts.

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The americans didnt like the Lai Massacre which involved unarmed civillians in Vietnam getting killed by American soldiers The number of american soldiers getting killed was growing which made them doubt their leadership Some americans didnt agree with the reasons the leadership used to justify the war with

Did us pres kenndy go to Vietnam?

I don't think he ever traveled there if that is your question. He was the president that initially got us involved in Vietnam by sending American advisors that included some CIA and some soldiers to advise the south Vietnamese army in their fight with the North after the French pulled out of Vietnam.

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How many US soldiers were Latino who fought in the Vietnam War?

Recommend researching: Statistics About The Vietnam War-Recommended by the History Channel.

Did American soldiers carry Vietnamese dictionaries with them during the war?

American soldiers were partially trained in the Vietnam language before they left to fight, but most certainly did use a language dictionary while there. It didn't take them long to pick up some of the language fast because it kept them alive. Many American soldiers (depending on where they were stationed) could speak fluent Vietnamese.

What were some Names the media had for north Vietnam?

Hanoi or the North.

What was life like after the Vietnam war?

it was all different in different parts, some were bad for the soldiers, and some were good for them. most lives for soldiers were bad

What were some of the names used to insult Vietnam Veterans?

BAby Killers

How did the vietnam war affect us soldiers?

The Vietnam war effected soldiers physically with strain of fighting in the jungle but it also effected soldiers psychological mind set. Soldiers were pulled out of school and work at the age of 17 and thrown into the war. The soldiers had to drink and smoke marijuana to deal with the war. It was hard for soldiers to come back for war and make a life.

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