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the answer to this question is because of slavery. more slaves were coming into the army and whites left or blacks left because they didn't want to die.

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Q: What are some reasons many soldiers deserted the armies?
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Why are armies so strict with their soldiers?

There could be many reasons for this, but one reason could be to discourage independent thought.

What were the two armies in the battle of Hastings?

after the battle of stamford bridge harold refused to pay his soldiers as a result many deserted

How many soldiers died at Valley Forge and how many deserted?

48734 died, and 3 deserted, including George Washington's nephew, whom he later shot by firing squad.

Why did many soldiers desert from the armies?

So they can get more money

How many drones are in the US armies fleet?

Classified for National security reasons.

How many soldiers can you have on the battlefield in medieval 2 total war?

How many soldiers that are in your army at your time, if its 1- 100000000000, but most armies can't hold more than 1000 becaue of the limited space. But you can have reinforcement armies and with a couple of these you can get a good 10,000 troops.

How many active duty soldiers does the army have?

It depends which country you are referring to. Countries have different size armies.

How many union soldiers fought during the US Civil War?

The Union armies had from 2500000 to 2750000 men.

How many soldiers did axis have on d day?

The Axis armies had approximately 370,000 soldiers in western France. Unfortunately for them, many of them were very old or very young, or wounded veterans from the Eastern Front.

How many soldiers were in the Russian and US armies in World War 2?

Well in the U.S. armies there were nearly 15 million men and 350,000 women; and in the Russian army there were nearly double that!

Why did many soldiers use a hand gun?

Handguns were used in the first world war extensively because they were easier to wield in trench warfare. Since then they have been primarily issued to troops who for confined space reasons would have trouble carrying a rifle. For example Armored crewmen, transport drivers, clerical personnel. Submachineguns are also commonly issued in many armies for these reasons.

How many US Civil War soldiers spent time in POW camps?

During the course of the US Civil War, many soldiers from both sides spent time in prisoner of war camps. It is estimated that 310,000 Confederate soldiers and 300,000 Union soldiers were prisoners of war. Some escaped and many Union soldiers were released by Union armies invading the South.