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Please raise taxes for the poor young children to go to school.

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Q: What are some ways to convince people to raise taxes so that more money would go into public education?
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How do you convince people to give you money?

With trust

What does Mccain want to do regarding education?

Strip out public education further by adopting a plan like giving people vouchers for education. That way the rich people who were already paying to put their children through private school because they look down on the pubic education system could take money from public education systems to suppliment their kids' private education. The end result would be to futher damage and reduce funding for public education and "strand" less affluent children and their families.

Where does most of the power and money behind public education lie?

the states

Where does the money used to pay for public education come from?

it comes from taxes!

What percentage of tax money is spent on public education in california?

Not enough.

What three words convince people to buy lotto tickets?

Win Money Rich

What are the attitude of teenagers and how to convince them?

Bad attitude. Convince them with money.

Why does the government take a lot of taxes out of the working people?

bcoz the government use this money to developed our country and in other developing levellike-in education label , and in public facilities .....

What is the most important incentive of a taxation strategy?

The most important incentive of a taxation strategy is to give the government enough money for public purposes. This includes money for education and public facilities.

How can you convince girls?


Why did John Dewey invent public school?

He invented public school for the kids that did not have money for private and so those kids can have an education too.

Is education free for Indians?

Well in india education is free,but if you mean education in the u.s for indians "its the same as for every one,public school is free and private does cost money