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During World War I, "support trenches" were found throughout the theaters of the war wherever trench-lines were constructed. Running perpendicular and parallel both to the main defense-line trenches, support trenches enabled front-line troops to communicate with each other, receive supplies, and organize for coming battles without being in the line of fire of the enemy across the (often quite narrow) "no man's land" between enemy lines.

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The support trenches were connected to the front line by the communication trenches, and would hold men for a enemy attack, and would hold some essentials like food, and water if the reserve trench was cut-off.

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Support Trenches in WW1 were trenches that support the front line. Whether it be troops, ammo, or weapons, they supported the main trench. They also were a second defense if the main trench was overrun.

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Q: What are support trenches WW1?
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