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i only now two the brown was for familys and the green was for pregnant women.

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Q: What are the 3 types of ration books?
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Who invented ration books?

who invented the ration books

What part of speech is ration books?

Ration books is a plural noun. The singular is ration book.

What were the tabs in the ration books called?

Ration Tabs

What color ration books were there?

During World War II, ration books in the United States were issued in various colors such as red, blue, and green, with each color representing different types of items that were rationed, like meat, sugar, and gasoline. The colors helped to easily identify the specific type of rationing each book was meant for.

Did the soldiers in world war 2 get ration books too?

No, soldiers on active duty did not require ration books, the service provided for their needs.

What do ration books look like?

Ration books looked like little notebooks but inside them they're like little letter stamps

Were World War 2 ration books distributed to children?

Ration books were issued by the US government to allow everyone to have the same chance to get goods as everyone else. There is no exact number on how many ration books were issued but over 8000 ration offices were opened to control the rationing.

Coupons used during the war to purchase items?

called ration books or ration coupons.

What about ration books 1 and 4?

Yes, what about them!

How much is a war ration book no 3 with all stamps worth?

The value of a War Ration Book 3 is usually somewhere between $1 and $10 depending on condition. Specialized private collectors may pay a little more for unused books in mint condition.

Where there ration books during World War I?

The European countries involved in World War 1 introduced food rationing. Obviously, this involved issuing ration-books.

Were there ration books in Australia in World War 2?

Yes there were.