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The siege and battle of Vicksburg were a great defeat for the south and a very important victory for the Union. Some of the effects of the battle:

* General Grant captured the notice of Lincoln, who promoted him and placed him in charge of the Union armies.

* The Mississippi River was available to transport troops and supplies for the Union.

* The Mississippi River could be used for export to allow the north to earn trade credits with other countries.

* The south was divided, with the important state of Texas cut off from the remainder of the Confederacy.

The combination of the clear win at Vicksburg and the slightly more ambiguous win at Gettysburg, both reported in newspapers on July 4, 1863, encouraged northerners to believe that the war could be won.

The south had no way of winning the war after this time. It would take two more years and 300,000 more deaths for the war to reach its almost inevitable conclusion from this point.

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Q: What are the Effects of Vicksburg battle?
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Which battle victories gave the Union control of the Mississippi River?

The Battle of Vicksburg gave the Union control of the Mississippi River.

What was the battle that completed the splitting of the confederacy?

the battle of vicksburg

When did the battle of Vicksburg start and end?

The Battle of Vicksburg started on May 18th 1863. The Battle of Vicksburg ended on July 4th 1863.

What battle did the confederacy lose control of the Mississippi river?

The battle of Vicksburg.

What did the north call the battle of Vicksburg?

The called it the Battle of Vicksburg, though, it was actually a siege.

Fact on the battle of Vicksburg Mississippi?

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What campaign was the Battle of Vicksburg in?

It was called the Vicksburg Campaign.

What battle lasted about six weeks and ended when the union captured Vicksburg Mississippi?

The battle of Vicksburg

What is another name for the battle of Vicksburg during the civil war?

The Battle of Vicksburg is also called the Siege of Vicksburg

Which campaign was the Battle of Vicksburg part of?

It is called the Vicksburg Campaign.

In what town of Mississippi was the Battle of Vicksburg fought?

Vicksburg, Mississippi, is the answer.

When did the battle of Vicksburg begin?

1869 IMPROVEMENT. The siege or the battle of Vicksburg begin on May 7, 1863.