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well the treaty of versaillse which was created after WWl to punish Germany, and it backlashed csuing revenge and economic turmoil, the troubled economics led to the rise of Hitler and the NSDP ( NAZI ) party. This party ended up getting most of its votes from the citizens of Germany who were struggling economically. Hitler wanted to get most its land and territory that it lost during WWl back. He also signed a treaty with Russia which let him train troops in Russia because the treaty of Versailles did not let Germany have more than a certain (small) number of troops. Hitler eventully invaded Poland sparking territorial problems and he then and started WWll.

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There are many reasons as to why WWl was started. Before WWl there was a period called the age of Imperialism where a country would go and conquer another smaller, less powerful country to use its raw materials and their markets to sell to. During this time Otto Von Bismarck was the chancellor of Germany. He had the good idea of staying out of imperialism becasue he knew it would only have horrible consequences. when Kaiser Wilhelm came along he booted Bismarck out of office. Wilhelm tried pursuing world dominance known as weltpolitik and built a big navy which rivaled Britatins and fromed tension. also with the allaince systems during this period if one country went to war then so do the others. the baltics at this time were known as the powder keg becasue of all the different nationalities in the countries. this led to intense nationalism. when the archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria drove through sarajevo he was attacked and killed by a young extreme nationalist. so austria- Hungary at the time went to war with Serbia and they had an alliance with Germany so they all went to war and started WWl

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nationalism_Germans wanting to regain the land that be longed.

imperialism_Germany trying to conquer all of Europe.


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6 years

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Q: What are the Main causes of ww ll?
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It was bad.

What was the two main event between ww l and ww ll?

It is a bit a matter of opinion but two front runners would be the Great Depression and the rise of the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler.

Was WW ll a regional or internation conflict?


How many Americans were in combat in WW ll?

there were 6,289,000 Americans in combat.

Who was involved in the battle of Somaliland during WW ll?

Britain and France and Italy.

What exact date did WW ll start and end?

may 1,1939 to august 31,1945

How many Americans died during WW ll?

300.000 dead and a similar number wounded

Holocaust is the name given to?

this name was given to the annihilation of the Jewish people during WW ll

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Yes. She and her husband worked with the OSS during WW ll.

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What caused the previous world wars?

There are many different causes associated with each of the two world wars. In the case of WW I, Serbian separatism was the cause of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand which was the spark that set off the war, but in order for war to be that easily started, there first had to be an unstable political standoff between two very large, arrogant and unreasonable political alliances, the Central Powers and the Triple Entente. Added to this was the long-standing territorial dispute between France and Germany about the ownership of the province of Alsace-Lorraine. Those were the main causes. In the case of WW II the main cause was German resentment about the outcome of WW I. We could say that WW II was just a rematch of WW I.

What event triggered WW ll?

Germany invaded Poland, causing Britain to declare war on the 3rd of September 1939.