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At the time, the immediate consequences were being DRAFTED into the US Military and being crippled or killed in Vietnam. The long term consequences, some of which were (are) positive: the ending of the military draft (going to an ALL Volunteer Military), and lowering the age of a United States adult to age 18 FROM age 21. In the 1960's, one of the MANY slogans were, "...we're old enough to die for our country, but not old enough to vote!" Thousands of young men under the age of 19 perished in Vietnam, and they were too young to vote. There was a 1960's song mentioning it; the Politician says "...Sometimes I wonder what I'm a going to do, but...there ain't no cure for the summer times blues... I'd like to help you son, but you're to young to vote!"

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The only real material things (effects) remaining from the Viet War is the "guns' still built into the latest in jet fighter such as the current F22 Raptor. If it hadn't been for Vietnam that F22 might have only been designed and constructed with "smart weapons" built into it.

The other item remaining from Vietnam are the "dog-fighting schools" such as the US Navy's Top Gun & the US Air Forces Red Flag jet fighter plane schools. Again, if it had not been for the war, those schools would never have been created.

A third experience learned from Vietnam was fully automatic M16 rifle fire, nicknamed in Vietnam "rock 'n roll." Men used to "spray & pray" with their fully automatic weapons...the US military learned that a lot ammo was wasted and after the war modified those weapons to shoot only bursts.

For the civilians: They get to vote now at age 18 instead of 21 and don't have to worry about getting their heads shaved in boot camp; they now have ALL VOLUNTEERs to take their place.

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There is now an all volunteer military-no draft. The voting age is now 18, instead of 21.

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Short term, cold war. Long term, new age for US adults 18 instead of 21; and an all volunteer military.

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Q: What are the current effects and possible long term effects of vietnamese war?
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