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3 types: standard model with 4" barrel

artillery model with 8" barrel (World War 1)

naval model also with 8" barrel

Lugers came in two calibers. 9mm and 30 cal. luger

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Q: What are the different types of luger's?
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What is the plural of a Luger?

The plural of Luger would be Lugers.

What is Luger ammunition?

9mm would be the most common. there is also the 30 cal. luger ammo which is a bottle neck cartridge......... lugers were made for the 9mm and 30 cal. lugers

Were Lugers ever nickel plated?

not military produced lugers. however, some people elected to nickel plate their luger causing the value to go down as much as 30%............

Prices for 1916 German lugers?

price for lugers depend mostly on condition, maker, matching magazine. this can only be done by looking the luger over. $550 to $1200 round figures.

What is the value of a German luger with all same serial number 3892?

Between $100 and $10,000, depending on model and condition. There are MANY different Lugers.

What is the value of a 1915 luger with matching numbers and in firing condition?

Anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. There are dozens of different variations to Lugers, and value is driven by rarity, condition, and originality of ALL parts. An accurate value will require a hands on appraisal from someone that knows Lugers and their market. Sorry we cannot give you a specific answer- just too many variables.

Where can one find more information about Peter Lugers?

One can find a great deal of information about the restaurant Peter Lugers Steakhouse by visiting the official Peter Luger website. There, one can find out about the products they sell and the locations they have.

What are nazi markings on a 1916 German luger pistol?

the 1916 luger was a WW1 pistol. However, many WW1 lugers were pressed into German service during WW2. Not necessary nazi marking on WW1 lugers...........but possible

Where find the history of a specific 1937 German Luger pistol?

no history was kept on lugers

Determining issue of German Luger World War 2?

The military luger was used in WW1 and WW2. The dates on top of luger would indicate year made. Germany also made lugers for the commercial trade. To my knowledge there are no records pertaing to who any one luger was issued to. However, lugers were made by a few different companies. i.e, DWM, Efurt, Simpson, Vickers, Suhl................

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