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It held back useful development and put fortunes into the hands of the weapons industry. The fear generated by the cold war myth has kept the worlds arms industly afloat for the last 60 years . it is now being taken over by the War on terror myth.

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Without the "cold war" of the 20th century; there is NO competitive drive in the 21st century. There is NO outside stimulation to make the US strive for greatness:

1. Music of the 21st century (TV commercials, TV programs, etc.) are REMAKES from the 1960's & 1970's. Nearly ALL TV SHOWS & FILMS (Movies) ARE COPY-CATS (REMAKES) from the 20th century.

2. Ford's new Mustangs, Cobra's, etc. are REMAKES (Copies) from the 1960's & 1970's.

3. Young people's hair styles and clothing are COPYING the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's.

4. We're not reaching for the stars anymore; NASA has to make up "strange faces on Mars" and " strange hidden oceans on Mars...", etc. just to make people get interested in the SPACE RACE again.

5. The US wants to do a REMAKE (Copying again) the cold war (again) with missile deployment.

6. America spent the whole 20th century struggling with the cold war, nuclear weapons, Vietnam, and the race for the the hope that the 21st century would be NEW & EXCITING...only to find itself STAGNATE with REMAKES, COPY-CATS...with a civilization that wants to re-live the so called exciting 1960's; by doing a "re-make" of the 60's..."Brand New" 1960's cars and music? That's not progress; that's not the future; that's backwards thinking. 1960's cars & music should be FUN things to enjoy, CLASSICAL and NOSTALGIC, and entertaining; not something to use as a crutch to rebuild because they don't have the stimulation to CREATE something new themselves.

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Q: What are the effects of cold war in the 21rst century?
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What were the short term effects of the cold war?

The term effects of the Cold War is the Americans and Russians are scared to launch their nuclear missiles at each other.

What were the political effects of the Cold War?

it has nothing impact...

What were the effects of the cold war on worldwide and in Europe?

ww2 .

What were the side effects of the cold war?

Military spending was drastically cut as a side effect of the cold War. World affairs are still influenced today from the Cold War.

What were the effects of the Cold War?

It helped countries to be armed well.

What were the effects of cold war on international politics?

it has nothing impact...

Which century was the Cold War?

{| |- | The Cold War was at the end of the 20th Century. It began shortly after the end of World War 2 and lasted until the early 1990's. During that time the threat of nuclear war was fairly high. |}

What are the long term effects of world war 2?

the long TERM effect was the CoLd WaR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What were the effects of the Cold War on the US?

More money spent on National Defense.

How did the cold war affect the earth?

The Cold War had the potential to severely impact the earth through the effects of expolding hundreds of nuclear weapons if it ever became a hot war. But as the Cold War did not result in a nuclear confrontation, it had esseentially no impact on the earth.

What role did Africa play in the conflicts of the 20th Century World War 1 World War 2 and the Cold War?


What effects did the Cold War have on Vietnam?

Vietnam gave the "cold war" leaders the opportunity to perfect their "cold war" actually using them in combat; e.g. the B52 & the MiG21 for example. SAMs and their accompanying radars as another example.