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This is flatground only, but that doesn't mean anything on the flatground counts.

No feet on the ground. That means no, no complies.

No handplants.

No bonelesses.

No grabs.

Last letter gets two tries.

Offensive toe drag gets one do over.

Defensive toe drag has a bigger margin for error, but will ultimately

be decided by the referee.

Let's keep it clean. Let's keep it lean. This is the Battle at the Berrics

and there's only gonna be one winner, so may God have Mercy on your souls.

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Q: What are the rules for the battle at the berrics?
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Who won skate at the berrics?

Chris Cole Won Battle At The Berrics.

What are the basic rules for skateboarding?

There are no rules in skateboarding. Sometimes in competitions, there might be some rules, for instance at the Battle Of The Berrics (youtube it) you are not allowed to do handplants, footplants or grabs. Also in a game of SKATE, if you do not land the trick your opponent set, you get a letter

When will battle at the berrics 3 start?

It is over. Props to p-rod!

When was The Berrics created?

The Berrics was created on 2007-12-07.

Is the berrics haunted?


Do they count casper flips in the berrics?

No they do not count casper flips in the berrics. Its consider a grab, just like a no comply.

How do you skate the berrics?

Gotta be a pro

Is the berrics open to the public?

No, just pros

Why is the berrics cool?

The Berrics is cool because it is an opening to one the largest skateboarding communities in the world. The Berrics interact with skate shops around the USA called Berrics Unified. It is also a great site for entertainment. You can see what the top notch skaters of the world are doing. Another reason the Berrics is cool is because it is owned Steve Berra and ERIC KOSTON and who doesn't like Koston. About every year the private indoor park is remodeled and it is fun to skate but is mostly and pro/am skateboarding training facility.

What characteristics was first used to identify earths layers?

the berrics

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Fantasy Factory - 2009 The Berrics vs- Fantasy Factory 2-8 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-PG

What is the job of an amateur skateboarder?

at the Berrics, you might have to clean up. but there is no specific job for Ams.