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Contributing to discussions will enable people to get a better idea of your views on different issues and doing this in a positive manner means that you are getting your opinion across without insulting other people or turning the discussion into an argument which often benefits no one. Give everyone a fair chance to speak and remember that other people's opinions may be as valid as your own. Also, try to stay on topic and use relevant information and experiences to impact positively on the discussion.

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Well, if it's school-wise, you need to fully understand what you're learning about. Some people don't contribute to class discussions as they are confused and don't know what to do. Here are 3 solutions and 1 optional solution:

1 - Tell your teacher that you are confused and need help. It may be embarrassing but then again, the point of a teacher is to teach you so you learn and if you don't learn, you still need someone to teach you!!!

2 - Tell your parents as they can help you understand.

3 - Revise at home. Grab a few books from the library and start learning the topic! You don't need to do hours and hours of revision but just 30 mins a day is fine.

OPTIONAL - If you have an elder brother or sister in the same school, ask them too because they're in the same school and they must have done this in your grade/year. They've done all the same work as you.


If you have homework on that topic and you don't understand it, do NOT copy off the internet! You can research on the internet but then write in your own words! If you simply copy and paste it, the teacher WILL find out!!! And you will be in trouble!

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Q: What are the ways of contributing to discussions?
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