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What areas outside of Europe were affected by the war

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Q: What area outside of Europe were affected by the war?
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What impact did the war have on Europe?

The economy and relations affected Europe as well as trade

What area was most affected during world war ii in 1940?

Malta was one area that was most affected during the World War 2 in 1940.

The war world 2 begain in 1939 who was affected by the war?

Just Europe; in Asia they were fighting their own war.

How do you think french nationalism affect the war between France and the powers of Europe?

french nationalism affected the war between france and the powers of europe

How was the Jewish population affected by world War 11 in Europe?

They were nearly wiped out

How did the war affect the Europe economy?

The war in Europe affected the American economy by creating a massive increase in US industrial production as well as stable prices.

What three continents were affected by the win of the revolutionary war Europe North America and blank?

North America, Europe and Asia

What was the war in Europe before World War 2 that affected the alliances in Europe?

World War I changed the alliance system in Europe and had grave mental, economic, and political consequences for Germany that contributed to Hitler's rise to power.

The area of Europe the Soviets controlled at the end of World War 2?

All of Eastern Europe.

How was the local area affected by World War 2?

IT destroyed important buildings

How did the Cold War affect the rest of the world outside of Europe?

By increasing global security

The conflicts that led to World War II began outside of Europe with?

germany invading poland?